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Our internal activations will leave your staff smiling

When it comes to internal marketing and activations our team pulls out all the stops to ensure your staff leave with your message in hand feeling empowered, supported and happy.

The Momentum Metropolitan internal rebrand gave us an opportunity to showcase our strengths in logistics, problem solving and people management.

The brief was simple: help us rebrand our staff access cards in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg and help staff feel secure and informed during the transition. Momentum Metropolitan is one of South Africa’s largest financial services companies so the task was a rather tall order.


Due to the activation happening over seven working days our logistical planning had to be on point – one small mistake could throw the entire operation off. With our trusted logistics partners, we planned the optimum roadshow route. We’d begin in Cape Town at the Momentum Metropolitan offices there, work our way up the coast to Durban and on to Johannesburg and Centurion regional offices. The execution went off without a hitch and each  happened timeously as planned (hallelujah)!


The most important part of the operation was securing cost the most effective technology we could in order to rebrand thousands of staff access cards. We needed cameras, screens, computers, software and printers that could make the process as smooth as possible, minimize wait time and service at least 10 – 15 staff at any given moment.


Unlike some other activations, like our Flying Fish Munday, the Momentum Metropolitan Rebrand required smart, tech savvy and energetic promoters. Our database of promoters is segmented into various divisions – so we called on our brightest, shiniest promoters to help us deliver the rebrand message with the eloquence and energy it deserved.

The results speak for themselves: over 5500 cards were rebranded in 5 branches countrywide. Not too shabby for a small team with loads of chutzpah!

If you’re looking to give your internal comms a little Verb magic, get in touch with our team to make your staff’s day:

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